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The Globe Light Bulb

There is no actually study to determine this fact but I would say the Globe light bulb is the #1 lamp for bathroom vanity light fixtures. Can anyone actually say you have never seen Globe light bulbs used in a bathroom? I wonder which Hotel or which designer started a trend that lasted for decades.

The Globe does serve a purpose in the residential or commercial bathroom.  The incandescent Globe illuminates a soft white light that brings out the color in skin tone and is a great light for getting ready in the morning.  When our skin looks good it's easier for the  guys to shave and when a lady is getting ready she will feel confident about the shade or make up that is applied.  The incandescent Globe is flattering to the skin tone.

The bad news about the incandescent Globe is that it is going to be a dinosaur.  Any globe over 40 watts has been phased out and can no longer be manufactured or imported into the USA.  It's OK, there is no reason to panic.  Today there are energy efficient options that still provide that same flattering light for the skin.  The only real difference is that the new bulbs will save over 80% in energy costs and last 20 times longer.  This is a very good thing and when you are ready to make this change, please give a lighting specialist at a call to help with this important decision.