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  • What is HID?

    HID is a high intensity discharge lamp.  They have electrodes positioned at either end of the bulb with a gas and metal filled tube causing the vapors to be converted into light.  HIDs do not use phosphor.  HID lamps are filled with a gas at a very high rate of pressure, the electrical arc, gasses and metals, in an HID lamp are contained in what is known as the arc tube.  The arc tube is made of either quartz or ceramic and are housed within the glass bulb. All HID lamps require a ballast to control the electrical current, very … Read More »
  • The Globe Light Bulb

    There is no actually study to determine this fact but I would say the Globe light bulb is the #1 lamp for bathroom vanity light fixtures. Can anyone actually say you have never seen Globe light bulbs used in a bathroom? I wonder which Hotel or which designer started a trend that lasted for decades. The Globe does serve a purpose in the residential or commercial bathroom.  The incandescent Globe illuminates a soft white light that brings out the color in skin tone and is a great light for getting ready in the morning.  When our skin looks good it's … Read More »
  • Chandelier Light Bulbs

    The Chandelier light bulb is an important decision. These bulbs are used in fixtures that are placed in the Heart of your Home or business. Gorgeous works of art hanging from the ceiling of a foyer, above the formal dinning area and displayed with elegance. The Chandelier light bulb is designed to display the beauty of dining, the comfort of a foyer, and the power of household. Designers have found new ways to display the chandelier. You will see Decorative Chandelier hanging above the Master Jacuzzi or hand drawn claw-foot bath. It is now the norm for your little princess … Read More »
  • The Benefits of BR Shape LEDs

    LED BR light bulbs are designed and engineered for commercial and residential applications.  The BR series of LED is an ideal replacement for standard incandescent because it looks just like the old bulb only it will last 30 to 40 times longer and save up 80% in energy.  Most of these LEDs carry the Energy Star Label and with LED you are able to determine the kelvin temperature - what color of light do you want. With the BR LED you simply install this green lighting solution in your existing fixture and turn on the savings. The BR LEDs also … Read More »
  • Understanding Kelvin Temperatures

    I purchased a large vanity mirror and I need lights that will flatter the face. Do you ever walk in the bathroom and notice your makeup doesn't look as good as it did, ever wonder what is causing this? If lighting just popped into your head you are absolutely correct! The aspect that some people are forgetting is that it’s not just the wattage or lumens that you need to be concerned with it’s the kelvin temperature. Kelvin is a characteristic of visible light, the warmth or coolness of a light source. Understanding kelvin temperatures in lighting is important not … Read More »
  • LED Globe Lights

    The LED Globe is the energy efficient solution to incandescent light bulbs.  The Globe is an ideal bulb for most decorative fixtures offering directional light, ideal for pendant fixtures, vanitys or anywhere an incandescent globe light is used.  Many incandescent globes were effected by the EISA energy laws that prevent standard incandescent from being made or imported into the USA.  The LED is an ideal replacement. Did You Know? In the average U.S. home, lighting accounts for about 20% of the electric bill. Americans can save money and protect the environment by installing energy saving lighting. If every American home … Read More »
  • Using LED Bulbs in a Chandelier

    Using LED decorative bulbs in a chandelier will help your fixture sparkle. LED bulbs are able to produce a brilliant light through focused optics and precise color control. LED will last 20 times longer and also reduce your energy costs by 80%. Decorative fixtures are not cheap and they are used to showcase your home or business. To make the most out of your fixture and if you really want them stand out, use LED. For the warm glow of an incandescent chandelier you will need to use either a 2400 Kelvin or 2700 Kelvin LED. Most chandelier LEDs also have … Read More »
  • Replacing Incandescent Light Bulbs with LED Bulbs

    The old 100 Watt incandescent light bulb produced between 1200 and 1600 lumens depending on voltage and who made the bulb. It all also punched light in all directions. To replace the 100 watt light bulb with a LED you will need a bulb that has atleast 1200 lumens. This LED should also be omni-directional so the light illuminates in all directions. If you are also looking for the same light color as the standard 100 watt incandescent you will need a 2700 Kelvin LED. The 3000 Kelvin will be brighter and whiter than a standard incandescent. Use the Guide … Read More »
  • What is a LED Chip?

    A LED chip is a light producing semiconductor device that may or may not be incorporated into a Light Emitting Diode. The chip is manufactured onto a heat conducting material and then covered by a glass or plastic lens. You could fit almost 6 little LED chips on the tip of my baby fingernail. The amount of light that is produced by these little conductors is really amazing. They are only getting smaller and brighter and the engineers are constantly working on making them last even longer.
  • LED Lights Revolutionizing the Industry

    The incandescent light bulb truly did revolutionize the world.  Light Emitting Diodes or LED Lights are revolutionizing the lighting industry. They are found in all kinds of electronic devices and have many functions. Light Emitting Diode is a solid state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy directly into light.  The semiconductor is comprised of two regions.  The p-region contains positive electrical charges while the n-region contains negative electrical charges.  When voltage is applied and the current begins to flow, the electrons move across the n region into the p region.  The process of the electron moving through the p-n junction … Read More »

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